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Originally Posted by bowtown View Post
I live in NYC. My wife and her family are rabbid Giants fans. I usually end up going to a couple of games a year. They are an easy team to root for except when they are playing the Broncos. The fans in NY are generally knowledgable and decent... we are talking Giants fans not Jets fans, who are the worst. Also love seeing them beat the Eagles and Cowboys.. I'm glad to see so many Broncos sign with them. It will make it even easier to pull for them.
I hate the giants, but that's just me. I suppose they were the lesser of two evils in the bowls against NE, but I hated the fact those 2 played TWICE. Cowboys are my most hated, and I live in Texas. Their fans are just delusional for the most part, although some of my friends are starting to get the picture. Till Jerry passes away, they are royally screwed.
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