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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Maybe you should look at posts #21, #24, and #27 of this thread where I specifically mentioned that there was some confusion about whether the $3.15M was a credit, a deduction, or even if it was real. Fontaine and uknflfan both mentioned they thought it was a credit, but no concrete evidence, so I removed it until I could get confirmation.

That explanation won't be good enough for you. Nobody cares.
I don't need an explanation, you were simply too ignorant and stubborn to listen to what I was saying.

This is what you said

3. The spreadsheet is the most accurate for the actual final cap number on the internet.
I don't have the time to teach you how to add or read.
I was right.
And other nonsense when you were wrong this whole time.

Everything I said is based of what I originally said in the other thread - which is - I don't really look at internet salary cap numbers as a hard number, it's just a guestimate. No one, not 1 person, said we had over $36 million in million in cap space before this FA started. It's easily to say now after all them moves - but as I said - there are people getting paid a lot of money to keep the accounting for all this stuff, so there are variables involved we do not know unless you are an NFL accountant. Or else, they could hire Joe off the block to do the numbers.

For starters, go look up what a cap adjustment is for. The whole CONCEPT of that should tell you something.

The fact that you read that tweet and thought you were still right - is very telling about your character and common sense. KC and Chargers with 4.5m/3.7m in cap space but that doesn't include 53 players, ps, and draft class?

Common sense.
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