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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
The 2009 roster was horrible.

There's only three starters left in the NFL from that 2009 roster, Matt Prater, Ryan Clady, and Brandon Marshall. Eddie Royal may count as a starter, Knowshon also, Dumervil, and after them that's it.
Wow, 5 years later and some of the players are older than they were...

In 2009 Dumerville and Champ were pro-bowlers in their Prime, and DJ Williams was a pretty good player too (although he probably was never used right).

Kuper, Wiegman, Hamilton, Dawkins, Graham were all good players with good careers who have since retired. Granted some of them were past their primes, but the average career is around 3 years in the NFL. You shouldn't be surprised that players from 5 years ago have retired.

Not that I don't agree that the roster was terrible, just look at the front 7, but judging by the players left in the league after 5 years is just dumb.
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