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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
3. The spreadsheet is the most accurate for the actual final cap number on the internet. All active salaries and dead money match both and If you see a higher remaining final cap space number elsewhere, it does not factor in top 53, draft picks or practice squad, like this spreadsheet does.
lol @ this passive aggressiveness.

Why do you even have this sheet when there is a link people can go to to get the same information?

(which shows Broncos having an ESTIMATE of $6,978,500 in free cap space for 51 players...notice how a site you're using as a source gives an ESTIMATE, but somehow your numbers are FACTS and MOST ACCURATE)

But let's really think about this people. So Pricejj is clearly trying to clear his name up by adding over complications (generally what people like him do).

1st, do you really think John Elway and company would leave $850,000 in wiggle room before the season started? Of course you can cut some players (Tamme/Dreessen) but we don't have replacements for them and we know Manning likes people he can trust. That is just damn right irresponsible to have $850k leftover considering injuries that can happen during the season and other FA transactions that happen during the season...players being promoted from PS etc...and everything else.

So what Pricejj is claiming is that, the other cap numbers don't factor in the top 53 (the last 2 players will be obviously be tiny contracts)...the draft class...and PS. So lets look at this tweet that Pricejj is passive aggressively referring to:

If those numbers don't include draft classes, last 2 roster spots, and in the hell would the Chargers and Chiefs be able to afford a draft class, PS, and last 2 roster spots?

Mind you, Chiefs are still bringing in players for visits.

I've been browsing Chiefs and Chargers forums/articles, and they all claim Chiefs and Chargers have around 4.5m and 3.7m to spend, respectively. So pricejj here must be claiming that the Broncos number is the only one ESPN got wrong.

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