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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
I like Franklin and think he adds a lot of value but "elite" and "one of the best" are descriptors I wouldn't use.

"Elite" and "one of the best" RTs would kick over to LT when Clady went down last year as opposed to starting someone with little to no experience and an UDFA pedigree.

In fact, I think it's pretty evident he isn't even in the top 2 of our own tackles...

I'm all for retaining Franklin, and I like what he adds quite a bit, but at the moment, we don't even KNOW he'll be a starter in September.

Does he stay at RT?

If so, does he compete with Clark?

If so, can he even win the job?

Does he kick inside to LG?

If so, can he handle it?

Do we draft a superior player?

A lot of questions that aren't conducive to handing him an extension right now. I'm quite firmly in Elway's camp on this one.
Exactly! I think a lot of people are over valuing Franklin who is only a RT. During the draft he was rated as a RT only skill set. If Clark is at RT Broncos would have a guy that can swing between RT and LT.
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