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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I have to chuckle every time somebody claims how great they think Franklin is at RT, especially considering cap ramifications that he will have going forward.

He's not going to be cheap, and no he's nowhere close to elite. Manning makes average OL look good. Franklin is nothing more than average at RT.
There really aren't that many RTs that I would take over Franklin, maybe some guys can develop to be much better than him like Lane Johnson or the bust the queefs drafted last year but as of right now without looking any stats up the only guys I think that do a better job at pass protection and opening up holes are Volmer from NE and Loadholdt from the vikings.. He may not be elite but I wouldn't label any RT as elite in the nfl right now, but he is certainly in the upper echelon of his position, even with Tebow playing qb, franklin was the horse that mcgahee ran behind on most plays.

I could care less if he was a part of the future and doesn't get an extension since I think he will get a huge payday in free agency.
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