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Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
yes. this would be a great quick brine before smoking ! whole chickens or halved chickens, depending on how you like to smoke them.
FWIW I love PECAN for smoking and encourage you to give it a try for your next smoking experience.
ENJOY, let me know how it all turns out !
Thanks. I think I'll try the icing method, sounds interesting and I'd like to save as much time as possible. I don't have a rotisserie in the smoker, so I'll just have the butcher cut the chickens in halves. I've got a boat load of apple wood I was planning to use, but I'll put pecan on my list! I've got some woodchuck apple beer in the fridge, so I'll use that also. I will post back and let you know how it turns out! Thanks again.
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