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Regardless of what we do, my point is, if the Ukrainians are not willing to die defending their homeland then there's nothing anybody can do about it. I agree with the idea of sanctions to a point. Of course, the Europeans won't cross a certain line. They have major economic problems of their own and certainly can't afford to be turning off the gas right now (which is why Putin moved now), or moving against Russia for the benefit of Ukraine. The cold calculus of the politics just don't add up for Europe.

But the key here is that there must be resistance. So far, the Russians have killed a few Ukrainian soldiers with complete impunity. Why haven't the Ukrainians killed any Russians? What stops petty tyrants and mobsters like Putin in their tracks is miring them in guerrilla warfare that causes unrest at home. How many times has this been proven? Frankly, if the Ukrainians are going to just lie down and surrender then so be it. Obama is a pathetic president and an embarrassment, AFAIC. But there's nothing he can do about this other than join NATO in sanctions, mouth some platitudes publicly while secretly supplying a guerrilla movement. If there is no movement, it's macht nichts to us. The Ukrainians have to kill some Russians.
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