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Bob Scarpitto

I lurk but seldom post.
I so wanted him to come back.
Like Howard I never played the game. My sons and grandsons often pointed out the outstanding play the son made.
The father is far tougher than I in that he posted as Kulpesdad and maintained his cool, I bet the Mother Lion went into the killer mode if and when she read the Orangemane.

I also thank Kulpesdad for writing in a simple direct manner that helped transfer me from a loyal diehard dumbass fan to a diehard fan who at least had a Idea what was going on. I enjoy football more now and win lots more sixpacks. thank you both for that.

One thing I have learned is that I would not want any of my descendents playing foot ball past high school: and am proud that I discouraged my youngest son from playing past pee wee.

Thanks Kulpes
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