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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by kupesdad View Post
I knew I forgot somebody.... It's not a playbook anymore...It's an IPad loaded with the other teams plays,,, pretty ****ing cool.. and that has been a change since he has been with the team

Another prop to Miss I who has always been the sweetest poster when all you others were ripping Chris...
Man, I have nothing but respect for your family! I have a 15-year-old son, and I constantly obsess over what kind of adult he's growing into. You have obviously done a great job with Chris - not just because he had a solid NFL career. He seems like a good human being. That doesn't happen by accident. If my son ends up the kind of person Chris seems to be, I couldn't ask for more (and honestly, I think he will be okay - he's mostly a good kid, when he's not being a knucklehead).

As for the playbook comment - you might not have paid attention (or cared), but Jay Cutler had his dad return his playbook, after he was traded. It's been a long-running joke around here.
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