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Originally Posted by kupesdad View Post
I knew I forgot somebody.... It's not a playbook anymore...It's an IPad loaded with the other teams plays,,, pretty ****ing cool.. and that has been a change since he has been with the team

Another prop to Miss I who has always been the sweetest poster when all you others were ripping Chris...
well to be fair, I am Kaylore's faux 4th mormon wife so if wasn't nice to Kuper he'd have faux divorced me. But now I can't get a Kuper jersey. 73 is my favorite #, my dad wore it on his college team coincidentally named the Broncos, I was born in 73 (yes yes I am old, shhhh) and of course best of all it's Kuper's #. Damn it, all the jerseys I have or want to have the guys seem to leave (16, 24, 73...I hesitate to state that I also own #18). Could my boys stop leaving me? I can lose Decker, but why Kuper, why must you go?

Sad, sad, sad, but all the best again to him and you guys again. I am going to go back to sniffing glue now.
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