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Originally Posted by kupesdad View Post
No need to worry about his finances... The kid definitely is way better about saving money than his parents. But he hasn't had to support a kid through all of his endeavors in order to get them drafted into the NFL.. I wouldn't change anything because it's been a pretty cool ride.. He's ok about his issues and it's probably a mixed blessing because he's had some concussion stuff and if his ankle didn't make him stop he would still be banging his head. I want him to be able to walk his daughter down the aisle in 20 years or so and not be busted up like his dad who kept playing till he was 35 and is paying the price as we speak.
Well I hope Jerry and Betsy do not have to see him that much this offseason, but remember they will always be there to help. I just wish more former Great Broncos players would be in as good of a position as Chris. He will need quality support to make it these first 2 years.

Good Luck!
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