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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
Just finished watching it on Netflix, best show I've ever seen.

Gus is the best bad guy ever.
Loved BB and thought the last episode was as satisfying an ending to a show as has ever happened...Mainly because it was two endings in one. It gave you a choice as to how you wanted the show to end. Google that if you don't understand spoilers here. Once I read the rationale behind the dual ending, I knew its what the writers did and I knew they were brilliant.

For me, however, The Wire remains the best show I've ever watched. The first time I finished the series, a week later I started over from the beginning. No other show has made me do that. I loved some of the characters...McNulty, Bunk, Omar Little...hell, even Stringer Bell. Seasons 3 and 4 remain as good of tv as I've ever seen and the season 4 finale made my tear up 3 times for 3 completely different reasons.

Anyway, Im back inside after skiing, drinking booze. 50 mph gusts will drive any man to drink
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