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This thread is over year old, but I'm bored. So, what the hell.

1.Does tie go to the runner?

But the MLB rule book, ties are to be awarded to the Baserunner.

2.Does a batter have to attempt to move out of the way if ball coming towards in in the batter box from the pitcher?

The rulebook stipulates that the Batter is to attempt to avoid getting hit. I have yet to ever see this rule enforced in my lifetime. Hell, umpires wouldn't even enforce it against players like Mo Vaughn who set up with his right elbow in the strike zone.

3.Is a foul tip a live ball?

No, a foul tip is not a live ball. However, if the catcher can glove the foul tip before it touches the ground, it is treated the same as a swinging strike.

4.Are bats part of the hand?

No, if a batter is hit is hit on the hands, it is considered a HBP.

5.Is the base a safe zone?

This question is ambiguous. Fielders may appeal your right to the bag and tag you out if they believe you made a base running error the violated the rules. Only the lead runner is entitled to the bag, if the lead and trailing runner occupy the same bag, the trailing runner may be tagged out. And, if you are an Atlanta Brave playing in the world series, you may be physically removed from the bag by a fielder and tagged out (still bitter)

6.does the batter have to move if runner is coming from third to score?

Yes, in the case of a wild pitch or passed ball, the Batter must vacate the batter's box while the runner attempts to advance home or he will be called out on interference.
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