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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Freekofnature
Well I dont think Hives is exactly classic rock, but i can see the large influence of the classic rock in their style of music and appearance. At least the singer looks that way.
His Jagger-like mannerisms bring all that on IMO...I find the stylings of '77 punk more than I do classic rock in them....of course 77 punk is pretty much classic rock now I guess...these classifications always tend to lead into trouble....take this next paragraph for instance:

And Three Days Grace and slipknot is not really metal to me although I dont think Slipknot is too shabby. I hate Three Days Grace. I was talking more around the Late 80's and early 90's music such Pantera, NIN, Korn, Rage, Nirvana, Metallica, and etc..
Now see, I would label NIN as industrial, Nirvava as grunge, etc. So you can see how the meanings and signals can get crossed with this stuff.

But dont be mistaken tho cause I listen to pretty much every damn kinda music except country.
Cool....I collect CD's like baseball cards...such is my mania and passion for sound.
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