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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
All theaters can really do is have a great cleaning routine where the employees sign off on each thing, for each time slot.

Also some theaters are crazy and install tile floors in the lobby that get really slippery when wet. We have an expert that actually can test how slippery a floor was. Some of them come back ridiculously slippery when wet. It makes you wonder who designs theaters and why they don't learn their lessons.
It's because the types of tile that are designed to keep from getting slippery are more expensive and hold more dirt, so they are a lot more difficult to deep clean, so they end up looking like **** in a few years. Cheaper tile is easier to keep clean, and most theaters figure with the right training and staffing you can avoid accidents in the first place.

Also if you have an active management team, one of them should be in the lobby more or less at all times. If you're ever in a theater and there is not a manager out on the floor watching and listening to make sure everything is okay, you're going to the wrong place.
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