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Originally Posted by Hogan11
I grew up steeped in classic rock and pop, it is one of my specialities along with alternative and blues. I also dabble in jazz....I pretty much try to follow everything with the exceptions of country & rap....I have little use for those genres since they've never appealed to me.

As for metal, I really haven't heard anything that has grabbed my attention or has seemed extraordinary to me in years...Every time I hear something like Slipknot or some very weak bullshat like Three Days just makes me long for a new Motorhead cd.

I'm curious as to how you think The Hives fit into the classic rock classification though.....why do you feel this way?
Well I dont think Hives is exactly classic rock, but i can see the large influence of the classic rock in their style of music and appearance. At least the singer looks that way.

And Three Days Grace and slipknot is not really metal to me although I dont think Slipknot is too shabby. I hate Three Days Grace. I was talking more around the Late 80's and early 90's music such Pantera, NIN, Korn, Rage, Nirvana, Metallica, and etc.

But dont be mistaken tho cause I listen to pretty much every damn kinda music except country.
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