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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
This case was apparently settled very quickly. $110,000 to the one plaintiff, $45,000 to the other two.

Depending on how long she worked there, in Flint that's probably 2-3 years' salary, easy. I'd say that's sizable.
Still anyone who thinks little settlements like that are alot isn't in the legal field. She probably deserved it. We just did a case where someone was wrongfully terminated, proved it, and they are getting 1 full yrs salary (90 grand). A fair deal as it takes that long or even more to rebuild career.

Not surprised the did 100 grand as the difference between 50 and 100 when it comes to paying for attorney fees is nothing. Often the big enitity is more worried about losing big in court.

Still i stand by my comment that people are wrong if they thing it is super easy to just sue people and win. It's tough to win a big settlement. For all the ones you hear about I could give you 3 where the person probably deserved money and got nothing.
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