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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
No idea. Vazquez was our big signing. The rest were mid-range guys off the trash heap. Well, and then Welker, I guess he was a big signing too.

I'm kind of expecting the same thing minus a Vasquez type signing. Elway and Co. have shown a great hand at finding reasonably priced FA's so, I think we'll get some talent on the cheap, but even moreso than last year, I think we have some huge contracts coming due that will require some serious investments. We are good at playing games with the cap though, so who knows.

I would definitely prefer an entertaining offseason though.
I think Elway understood that we needed some front line help and went out and got some. Looking towards this FA cycle, Denver needs a difference maker rushing the passer especially with Miller's issues coming in. We can get along w/ Irvin at SAM but what killed us in the super bowl was not having that difference maker impacting the opposing team via our front seven. I don't expect splash signings every year but I think that Denver is going to push the envelope to add somebody at DE and possibly S. I think Denver will look over Houston, Johnson, Greg Hardy hard core and if they can't get those guys, I have no doubt that we'll be bringing in guys like Jared Allen, Julius Peppers (will get cut) among others to try and sign them up. I think if Denver can get a guy like Hardy to sign up it really covers this defense should Von flame out in a year or two and we have to let him walk. The salaries would be switching, no big deal. I have an idea that Elway already knows what Denver will be doing with Von long term by watching his antics and how he is around the facility.
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