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Have you guys played one of the newer Pauls with coil-tap and out-of phase switching? They were introduced 5 or 6 years ago, and despite the fact it was largely my own design , I haven't played one yet.

I like they kept the 2-humbucker, 3-pos-switch, 4-pot configuration ... extra switches would look dorky. They've embraced weight relief, too - two designs now, plus an "automatic" tuning add-on of some kind, and even asymmetrical necks - thicker at lower frets, tapering thinner from high E to low E, more and more as you go up the neck.

I thought traditionalist stick-in-the-muds would never change. But for me, they're like college football uniforms ... once I finally gave up on ever seeing anything new, creativity breaks out and spreads like a norovirus.

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