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Originally Posted by jdblack View Post
A couple of those instances did not play for the Seahawks this year (or ever) in non-preseason games. Two more (Browner & Thurmond) were violations of the substance abuse policy, NOT the performance enhancing policy. Do you understand the difference yet?

lol. wrong...

"Six Seahawks have broken the policy for what has been assumed to be for Adderall, those players include John Moffit, Allen Barbre, Winston Guy, Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, and Bruce Irvin." see Brandon Browner??


And this.... straight from Sherman's big ****ing mouth: "Asked if the Seattle Seahawks have a problem with performance-enhancing drugs with five player suspensions since 2011, cornerback Richard Sherman told ESPN The Magazine, “it does seem that way.”

Sherman, who was suspended last season for allegedly using Adderall only to have the ban overturned on appeal last December, said of the Seahawks’ perceived PED problem: “It is what it is.”

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