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Originally Posted by Hogan11
Lemme get this straight...they played Joy Division at a toga party?!?!? I bet that brought things to a screeching hault moodwise

I'd recommend anything in the catalog really...but you may wanna start with the actual releases Unknown Pleasures and Closer first and then use Substance to fill in the loose ends. Still is good as well but has a lot of live material on it and Joy Division, like most new wave/punk bands of the time, didn't translate well when it came to live recordings IMO. (as a sidenote here, I know they've been releasing certain whole live shows recently, but I haven't had the chance to hear them yet, but going by the live material on Still and by the concert video Here Are The Young Men, I'd say stay away from those until the other records get their hooks into you.

Joy Division is definitely worth a trip to best buy or an order from Amazon.
Hogan seeing that you like Hives Im guessing u are more into classic rock . You like any of metal or more contemporary rock bands?
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