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Originally Posted by BlaK-Argentina View Post
I've only been a fan since 2002, so I didn't get to experience the back to back championships like most of you.

I've heard and read from you guys how crushing those SB losses were and how incredibly sweet it was to finally get over the hump and win those championships.

Last night was just surreal for me. I knew we could lose, but never in my worst nightmare could I have imagined it going this way. I was just so excited about finally being able to watch my Broncos play in the Super Bowl. There was a time there during the McDaniels era where I thought I might never be lucky enough to see them in the biggest of stages.

Last night I had absolutely nothing to celebrate. Not one freaking play. It all came crushing down from the very first play. I was innocent enough to believe we could mount some kind of come back in the second half. Then we kicked off and I just broke down and cried. I could not believe what was happening. I now understand what all of you felt watching those crushing losses in the 80s and somehow... what it really means to be a Broncos fan and care so much.

I could hardly fall asleep last night as different images from the game would pop up in my head and all I could do was open my eyes and try to shake them away. I was a zombie all day today. Still can't believe how bad it all went down.

So I guess I'm just venting a bit. I was angry during the first quarter... then downright sad and miserable for the rest of the game. I turned it off just before the 2 minute warning when they brought the Lombardi down to the field.

I really envy you guys that got to experience 97-98... I really want to be able to say I got to experience the Broncos winning a SB during my lifetime. And damnit if I didn't want Manning and Champ Bailey to be the ones to do that for me, and for all of us.

I refuse to believe we won't be back next year, and hopefully I'll be shedding tears of happiness this time around.

GO BRONCOS damnit, GO BRONCOS... always.
Totaly agree and same.
My first Season as a Broncofan was 2003. (The end was simliar to sunday ...)
So it was my first bowl and it was absolutley frustrating. Not to loose. I can deal with losses. I know there are no moral victorys. but hell. we had not one play we could cheer about.

this was embarrassing. and what makes my most sick, that players like manning say embarrassing is a tough word. you get blown out like this?= what else should you say than embarrassing?
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