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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Mile High Mojoe View Post
The money and another wasted opportunity to improve the team overall is why he shouldn't come back. Let Champ go, Manning retires it opens up all kinds of cap possibilities. The O needs some tweaking on the line but Clady should be back and if Moreno is gone Ball will be a nice replacement. Sign another back up RB, then focus all the attention on the D. The O will still be good and Brock could probably take this team to the playoffs as is anyway. I just think for the money and Manning's record and past performance in the playoffs it'll be just another year without a ring.
Ask the Eagles and Washington how a guaranteed "all star" team does when you buy free agents. Do you really think Super Bowl opportunities grow on trees? We had not been there since 1999. Griese, Plummer, Cutler, Orton and Tebow all could not lead us there. We went and got a guy that has the experience of winning and being in the super bowl a few times. We just got there this season of his 2nd year at Denver. We already got it and now you want to throw it away and hope we get there again. Go back to blogging somewhere else.
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