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If this is a valid choice, and I don't know enough about the salary numbers but I would prefer to get rid of Welker if it meant we could keep Decker. I don't think Welker was worth the money this year, and the concussion issues will be back next year for sure.

I think Caldwell could do fine in the slot and take up more space than Welker on the crossing routes that are designed to get Deck and DT open.

Whatever money Holliday is making get rid of him, we can put Mike Adams back there running kickoffs to the 12 yard line for all I care, just someone who doesn't give me heart palpitations every time they touch the ball, they have to be cheap whoever it is. OL looks like it needs work-

I think some of this is in coaching though, we looked really good all the way in the playoffs until now, and then crapped the bed once we got off our game plan. I think some coaches need to be let go, just not sure who that is right now.
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