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Let Beadles walk. Move Franklin to LG (I assume you mean t LG because Vasquez played well at RG) and move Clark to RT and hope Clady returns to form.

Decker is probably going to command 8-10/year and I don't think he is worth that, especially when we have to give DT a big contract the following year. Maybe we can restructure Welker so he's not eating $8 in 2014.

Manning wants a ring then he needs to give up some green.

Defense needs a bit more work.
IDK if Von should move into a strictly DE? Or maybe just DE when we go nickle? I would love to have a real MLB, but with Von and Trevathan, only 2 are going to be on the field in nickle D unless we move Von up to the line. Still, a 3-down MLB has been a priority since Big Al Wilson hung em up.

Champ looks done to me, sad to say. I wish we could have got him a ring this year.
Re-sign DRC is a must. Harris is great and Kayvon will benefit greatly from a full off season. CBs are okay. Depth beyond our top 2 isn't great, but SS/FS upgrade is so much more important right now. Nacho is depth. Rahim is solid, but should be depth. Our worst talent here since Mcree/Manual

We actually have 2 solid DTs. I didn't think I was going to ever say that. Our depth is awful and showed when Vickerson went out. Hopefully Wolfe can come back from whatever his illness is. Malik is solid. Can Q Smith make the leap Malik did? At least need depth here, but we probably could use an upgrade. And maybe less so if we have Von solely rushing in passing situations.
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