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How to fix this team:

We need a big time playmaker in our secondary. We saw what MEN look like last night. We need a safety who can change games. A Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, or an Earl Thomas. We haven't had a decent safety since Steve Atwater hung them up. The highest off-season priority MUST be finding that player for this defense. If we can find a hard-hitting and aggressive safety that will help to greatly shore up our secondary. I'm ok with DRC (although I would love an upgrade) and Chris Harris is a fantastic second corner.

Fire Jack Del Rio. Much like Shannahan the game has simply passed him by. Find someone willing to play 100% more aggressively. Someone who will coach this team up to play at full speed all the time. I believe we have the horses to do this. I think our front-7 can be very VERY good. Guys like Wolfe, Sly, Pot Roast, Miller, and Williams can wreak havoc on an offense. Let them play aggressively. Let them play fast.

That's really the two defensive changes I would like to see. We had a lot of bad luck this year. Get everyone back and healthy and we'll be in a fantastic spot to make another run.

On offense I think everyone is spot on. Let Decker walk. We need a physical number two to complement Welker and Thomas. I don't care about speed. I want big and nasty.

Beadles needs to walk as well. I've defended the guy over and over again, but I'm willing to admit now that he simply can't get the job done when faced with elite defensive talent in front of him.

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