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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Bowlen and Elway and Fox and the whole team should be flogged for this. I meant what I said in the GDT. When that plane touches down, I want to see all those ****ing a-holes to run in the freezing cold, until they ****ing collapse and are shaking on the ground in hypothermia.

I don't give a ****. You make me suffer then **** their lives. I hope they all ****ing burn.

Two years in a row we had the best team in the NFL, and two years we had a car wreck to end the season. More like an airplane wreck.

All of them should get ****ed by 15 inch dick with AIDS. Every single ****ing guy. From the roster to the brass. Every ****ing one. It will be like getting a flu shot at the doctor, one could go right after the other in a ****ing line.

You ****ing embarassed me today. You ****ing killed your fans. **** you.

Yeah, real easy to talk tough hiding behind a message board because you're poor feelings are hurt.

Grow up coward.
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