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Originally Posted by Broncoman13 View Post
It's funny Rev. All week long I'd felt pretty confident about this game. Around Friday I started feeling a little less confident and then Sunday morning I kind of had that feeling.

But here is the thing. I wasn't that upset. I am a die hard Broncos fan, but I seriously wasn't that upset. Part of me, since we signed Peyton, has felt like this isn't my Broncos team anyhow. Almost like Manning is just a hired gun. Doesn't really consider himself a true Bronco, why should I?

Perhaps I've just matured over the last few years and don't allow games to affect me the same way. Maybe there just isn't anything that will replace the feeling from 1998 and I realize that.

The Seahawks were kind of like the 98 Broncos yesterday. Not as heavy underdogs, but not expected to win and have never won a championship. There are millions of Seahawks fans that just got to experience what I did in 98. Hard for me not to appreciate what they are feeling right now.
Exactly how I felt. My family was freaking out texting me, telling me how sorry they were, and I just said I'm fine. And I am. Perhaps going through all the years of losing SB's has shielded me from total devastation. I have been much more embarrassed by what Shanahan put on the field in the 2000's and the McD years.

Broncos were beat by a better team and the only thing I regret is not believing my own philosophy that you need a great defense. Seems some think the Broncos owe them something. They don't. They gave us a great year over all but I guess some missed that. I'll take what happened yesterday over being a Chief, Raider, or Chargers fan and what they've had to put up with. Keep throwing your immature tantrums, it's obvious who the youngsters are and who hasn't experienced or recognized true embarrassment.

On to next year.
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