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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Gutless Drunk View Post
Seattle punted once. Need to get off the field on D.
The "GREATEST OFFENSE OF ALL TIME" () started the game with the ball and managed 0 first downs in the first quarter for the FIRST TIME IN SUPER BOWL HISTORY.

Originally Posted by BMORE View Post
Get a new QB.. Lol I've heard it all. The guy just had the best season of any QB to ever play the game. Was good against the chargers, great against New England, and not so good today. Which is terrible timing and luck. Maybe today exposed how deficient the depth and talent really is on this team.
BMORE's script:

When the offense blows up every record, it's Manning changing the play, getting rid of the ball quick to elevate the OL, taking the receiving group far beyond their talent level, etc.

When the offense get's butt ****ed in front of 7 billion people, it's the supporting cast that let Manning down.

bend me over a rock, Colts trash. Manning has nearly finished cementing himself into an eternal punchline.

His legacy is dead in the water, as far as I'm concerned.
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