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Originally Posted by colonelbeef View Post

This loss will hurt the organization and the fans for years. This is a forever painful kind of game, and it will get worse as the shock wears off.

This is only the beginning. 'Calm down tomorrow', haha
I really hope not...but the fact that Broncos lost in epic fashion 2 years in a row is going to be a tough pill to swallow.

Every game during the regular season next year will have the "this doesn't mean **** because we choke in the playoffs and super bowl" tagline to it.

And believe me, the pressure to win will be FAR GREATER in the playoffs next year than this year.

Hopefully John Elway has a plan for some resiliency... I'm not sure what direction they go from here but something must be done.

With that being said, I'm sure Adam Gase will be a much better OC next year with the 1st year under his belt.

Kudos to Adam Gase making it to the SB in his 1st year as OC.
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