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Originally Posted by BizzyBone7
What are some of ure cds u have in ure stereo and car right now....mine are

Home stereo-
Twista- Kamikaze
Makavelli (2pac)- 7 day theory
A mic cd
Murphy Lee- Murphys Law
Graveyard Shift- Still waters
Krayzie Bone- THug on da line
Dead Prez- Get free or die tryin
Jay Z- The black album

Car stereo-
A mix (in the player, rest are what i usually listen to)
Bizzy Bone- The gift
Cap-one- tHeory of life
Cap-one- Through the eyes of a don
DSGB- Til Death do us part (pastor troys group)
Bone thugs n harmony_ Thug world order

Bathroom player-
L Burna- THug by Nature

for me my car stereo is the highest honor, because thats where i lsiten to most of my music. My room stereo i listen to alot but not as much as my car one.
Oh **** found another Head in the crowd I was feeling all alone!

I listen to all of what you have listed for the most part on a regular basis,

right now in my home Changer is Some Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and The new Talib Kewli "Beutiful People".

I primaraly listen to anything Tupac and love that they have been playing "when we Ride on our enemies" at kick off.
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