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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Freekofnature
great album that closer is. It kinda took me some time to get used to it cause im not really into....Cant quite define this band. The last song was the best song in my opinion. Very dark and haunting. One knock was that the singer is very monotonous so it kinda gets on my nerve sometimes.

Many have cited Curtis's voice as a weakness, and admittedly it is hard to get used to on first listen, but I think it suits the material perfectly once you get used to it. The song you point out ("Decades") rounds out that album very well, especially after the very creepy "The Eternal". I tend to point people past the single "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and steer them towards "Atmosphere" for closure on this sound and band.....that song is every bit as haunting and heart-wrenching as anything on Closer IMO.
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