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Originally Posted by Hogan11
Both are greatly enhanced by Hannet's production IMO...which gives off an air of darkness by emphasis being placed upon space in these songs....something these records share with The Doors first album IMO...and echo induced, dusky sound that adds to the atmosphere of the work.

Closer gets the accolades probably because of Curtis' suicide in it's wake.....on Unknown PLeasures you can feel and sense his life spinning out of his control, on Closer you get his total loss of all hope, especially with those final three tracks ("24 Hours", "The Eternal" and "Decades") which is the most frightneing, bone chillingly creepy section of music I've ever heard, made all the more powerful because it turned out to be all too real.

They're both considered two of the grestest recordings ever made...very powerful, very forboding, thrilling without being too ghoulish, definitely not for the weak of heart or spirit.

I will investigate it......thanks for the tip!
great album that closer is. It kinda took me some time to get used to it cause im not really into....Cant quite define this band. The last song was the best song in my opinion. Very dark and haunting. One knock was that the singer is very monotonous so it kinda gets on my nerve sometimes.
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