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okay so I just gave up and listened to it in my apartment while baking instead of downstairs in the garage washing the car. I will go listen to heavy metal while washing the damn road salt from the snow off.

anyway, while I think SoCal's inability to acknowlege Bowlen's contribution to righting the ship and the clear hand he had in bringing John back into the fold is bullheaded and aggratvating, I still find the rest of his football knowledge and discussion extremely entertaining. I for one am only holding on here for a few reason, one of which is this podcast. I am sorry the others bailed on it because they missed a very good discussion. My hope is we will actually get more of these next year. It doesn't seem like they are weekly (ahem, ahem).

At any rate, good work all. Thank you for entertaining me during my lemon bar baking. I only wish there were more to get me through the cheesecake I need to make tonight and the car washing, But a girl can't be greedy.

And hey has anyone noticed how the front page of the Mane spends most of its time b****ing about the trolls, feeding the trolls, b****ing about other Bronco fans whose fandom they hold in question (possibly accurate but who cares). Is all of this a way to deal with the nerves of going to the biggest game? Are those b****es projecting? Is this behaviour one of the three or 4 or however many stages of insanity once defined so eloquently (sarcasm here) by MacGruber (it was MacGruber right?).

Oh I did have an actual question, does anyone recall discussions about how Elway and Shanny had tense relationship since his retirement and that Elway didn't rengage until Josh McDaniels started inviting him to practice and such? I seem to recall that which makes me wonder if for all the stupidity Josh did, maybe at least he left us that, if unintentionally. (even a broken clock is right twice a day unless its miltary time and then just STFU and follow orders..heh)
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