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Shane Ray

Bowlen has been a consistent owner over the years and it's reflected in a consistently good Broncos team. Look across the league at teams like Bills, Browns, Lions, Cardinals, Cowboys, Bucs, Dolphins. They all suffer from some form of poor management at that top.

Bowlen is right up there with Arthur Blank, Jeffrey Lurie, and the Rooney's. Shanahan was starting to lose the team. It can happen after 14 seasons. Players get tired of the message. You can only fire so many defensive coordinators before pointing the finger at yourself. In hindsight, JMCD was a terrible decision, but Pat went for a young OC from a hot team and I'm sure Josh talked a good game in the interview. You have to commend Bowlen for cutting the cord so quickly once we all knew he wasn't the right guy.

This 7th SB trip is happening because he made some great personnel decisions at the executive level. Elway landed Manning. Fox and Del Rio have righted the ship (even though I still think Fox is too conservative - we're in the Fkn SB!).
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