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Originally Posted by Powderaddict View Post
I think Moreno and Ball will be a key to winning this game. As long as Denver can establish a run threat, and make the defense have to defend the entire field. They don't have to bust out huge gains or go TD in XXXII, just have enough of a threat to keep the defense honest, and guessing. We haven't scored a ton in the playoffs, but we have controlled the games and the tempo, much in part to having an effective run game.

They should be up to the task. I'd love to see Ball have a "breakout" type game, I think he has that kind of ability.

Edited: I watched XXXII last night, man was it fun watching TD just take over that game. He really was the "unstoppable force".
I agree with all of this. I am going through and re-watching all the Bronco games from this season. Ball has shown his ability early on. Even in very limited reps against teams like the Raiders and Eagles he had his moments.

I also re-watched some of the those old Super Bowl segments on NFL network they ran. (The 1985 Billy Ocean rip-off opening is the cheesiest). Anyway I watched the '77 SB that we lost to Dallas. You could tell the team was just happy to be there. They were mouthing off after the Raider game and so hyped up. Dallas was more business-like. Denver was very business-like after the Patriots game and has been pretty quiet.

Also loved watching the part of SB 33 when you see Shanahan dissect the Falcons coverage while the Falcons are on the field - and then the Broncos come right out and throw that big score to Rod Smith. It was Shanny at his best.
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