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Originally Posted by g00fyfoot View Post
Is there any other sports league where the rules constantly change like NFL? So weird. But this won't happen.
This is actually very similar to what just happened in baseball. They outlawed the pickoff move where the pitcher fakes to 3rd and then looks to 1st. Fans would boo relentlessly, but I actually hate the rule change for several reasons. For one, it only delays the game by like 15 seconds (whereas they can still do as many pickoffs in a row as they want). Most importantly, the move isn't even about trying to throw out the guy at 1st: it's to keep him honest on double steal attempts because he has to wait till the pitcher goes home instead of first movement. So it actually is always effective even if noone gets thrown out.

But as for the part that really relates to this football rule: SOMETIMES THE PLAY ACTUALLY WORKS!! 99.9% is not 100%. I've seen baserunners on 1st get picked off by that move, and I've seen missed extra points. I mean we only have to go back to Week 14: Detroit and Philly were going for 2 every time, and when Detroit actually tried to kick it (might have been a FG), they missed. Made the game way more interesting than just giving them 7 every time. And even in good weather we've all seen missed and blocked PAT's, and they are not only hilarious but can completely change a game.
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