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Xavier Omon

Just saw the highlight of Goodhell getting interviewed on ESPN of the possible elimination of XPs...He said one of the possible changes could be an automatic 7 or either gaining or losing a point on today's 2 point conversion. That is the only possible change he offered btw. Here are the only ways I would consider a change and neither involve elimination of the kick.

1- Make the kick from 30 or 35 as dude on ESPN proposed (not Goodell, ****er), and make 2 point conversions from anywhere between the 5 and the 10 would be good with me. It more often than not ensures a pass rather than the run which should tickle Goody's panties well enough since this is now a passing/scoring league.

2- Keep everything the same, and just move the spot back. You've seen plenty of close XP's throughout the season in any season, where they barely curl in. I think XP's are put in the middle of the field (might be wrong), why not move them to the spot where the TD was scored up to the hash mark? Move it back, again to between the 5 and 10. It would, in my mind would keep a lot of 7's on the board, which I will hate football if 6s and 8s are the norm But especially in cold/windy games, it may change things, and add excitement. Again, plus for Goodsuck.

Don't let the XP die, it's there for another point to earn, not be given. Plus, it's also tradition which there isn't much of anymore. Next will be kickoffs. It will just be basketball on grass. GoonOfFootball, you can only change the game so much before the fans of the game snap.

Rule change: Touchdowns of 70 yards or more get 12 points.
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