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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
I forgot about the people who still think Shanahan and Cutler would've won a Super Bowl for us. Yeah that probably accounts for all the no's you will see in this poll. Crazy nutters.
The word is delusional. SoCal is one of them. I would hope others see what has now become a possible World Championship to Denver.

I didn't hate on McDaniels right from the start so I only had maybe 12 months of being sick of him and what he did to our franchise. 12 months and now the verge of a Super Bowl? Sure it is now worth it and amazing what we still are digging out of is a sliver since we have proven we have what it takes to get to the promise land. The pieces he did at least give us has proven to help the team. Who knows if his first draft could have produced better players with a different coach but why speculate now. McDaniels failed but do we really want to take a chance on hiring a better coach (or keeping status quo) and think we would be in a better position today? We got what we wanted...well almost.

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