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John Elway

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
No. That was an awful time and the single worst person in the history of the franchise. I don't view it as the "key" to unlocking Elway/Manning or anything like that. These are independent things. Someone else could have come in and failed less spectacularly and we could have still ended up in the same spot. Key word being could...we don't know. There isn't a per se connection.
Well the McD "path" led us to our current situation for sure, 100%, positive. Therefore, due to the McD ---> Elway/Manning connection being a 100% correlation, I still vote that yes, it was worth it. As you said, we don't know if another crappy coach would've led us to our current situation. McDip**** did, and we know that. Give me the painful as it seems, thanks McDouchebag!
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