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Originally Posted by Armchair Bronco View Post
I suppose one could make the argument that the total and complete destruction of both Germany and Japan allowed these countries to be rebuilt as the economic powerhouses that they are today.

However, this history of Germany and Japan prior to 1945-1946 left countless millions of casualties in its wake. Nothing can justify that kind of carnage.

Shannyham needed to go, no question about that. But he needed to go after the Brian Griese experiment failed, not nearly a decade later. Replacing one failed dictator with another failed dictator ALWAYS spells disaster.

You cannot compare occupied Germany and Japan to the 2009-10 Denver Broncos. One is a football team, the other was the defeat of two of the most evil war machines mankind has ever devised. And Shanahan and McDaniels are not and can never be compared to Hitler and Tojo.

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