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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I think a guy we could realistically look at is Bradley Roby, he was probably a top 20 selection if he came out last year, but returned and had a somewhat down year, and by that, he still had a great year. I'd lump him in with that top tier. There's also 4 other CBs I could see make a run at the Top 40, which would put them in play around our selections.
(1) Gilbert
(2) Dennard

(3) Roby
(4) Joyner (value his versatility and cover skills as a unique player in our secondary)

(5) Verrett
(6) Roberson

CB that probably will go in the first 64 selections. I think there is some potential to move up. I want to watch more of Vic Hampton. There are a lot of interesting 3-4 options. I would like to see Denver invest its first four selecitons (if they do not get more picks or move up) on two DB, a LB and DE.
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