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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
Nope. Your thread is about the 'knockout game' and its lack of coverage by the media.

You've been schooled over and over and have become so desperate you're even posting links to a study about schoolyard bullying by girls in the UK.

I asked you to prove your assertion that the knockout game is an epidemic involving 'hundreds' of incidents.

You can't, so you relentlessly post any black on white crime. Ironically by linking to the very mainstream media you claim is too PC to report black crimes.

Any police department that doesn't support your obsession is a shill for the media and part of the 'conspiracy.'

You're another Gaffney.
The knockout game is finally getting the coverage that it deserves...2 years ago it was called POLAR BEAR hunting and only getting coverage in the local markets.
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