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Default Here's an overseas example of PC-speak carried out to the detriment of society

A “dangerous” inability to recognise the importance of race meant social workers and police missed glaring warning signs about a gang of Pakistani men grooming white girls for sex in Rochdale, an official inquiry has concluded.

An obsession with being “colour blind” meant they failed even to notice the pattern of abuse going on under their noses, it found.

Although they carefully documented a spate of young white girls from troubled backgrounds in relationships with older men from a community they rarely otherwise mixed with, no one questioned what was going on, it said.

Had they asked why so many vulnerable white girls were striking up "friendships" with older "Asian" men they would have been able to stop the abuse much earlier, a serious case review finds.

The report focusing on six of the victims at the centre of one of the biggest child protection scandals of recent times concludes that a large part of the abuse could have been predicted and prevented if basic questions had been asked.

Strangely enough, these same "color blind" liberals like WIGs, Houghtham, arkie etc who never notice a pattern when nonwhites abuse whites have no problem finding "blatant racism" whenever a nonwhite is mistreated in the slightest way. Your hypocrisy is clear for all to see.

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