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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
I think you're right, although I'm guessing it's probably going to be closer to home brewing than gardening. Probably more to start off until the novelty dies off and they figure out it's just easier to buy it at the store.

And probably just like home brewing, you'll get some people that are good at it, some that suck, and there won't be much consistency between strains. But even the skunk weed will still get you ****ed up for a bit.
Truth be told, I have tried both growing plants, herbs and home brewing, and I sucked at each. However, I think brewing is harder, more steps and variables I think then just planting seeds in soil and watering as required (yes, simplifying for sake of argument). Plus there is more support for home gardners with flower shops, nurserys, and home improvement, like Home Depot, etc. everywhere. Here in LA, I can count on one hand the merchant support for the home brewer. So agreed

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