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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
The medical MJ was a good segway to mitigate the "pot jokes" you referenced. Medical ran just fine for years here and there were no mass murders, robberies, rashes of kids getting stoned at every turn... so I think the recreational step is logical and well planned.

Now I just hear most opponents trying to make an argument for how MJ is more dangerous that Alcohol, or that it is the gateway- if there is any Gateway, it is alcohol... or maybe that Gateway ntoion is BS, and some people just get into drugs and experiment, some don't.
My buddy who was an accountant for one of the medical dispensaries in Northern Colorado said that robberies were pretty common actually but he had never heard of a violent one. He said most of the time the owners didn't report it because they were rarely cash rich and they didn't want negative publicity for the industry. In fact, his boss made so little money that he kept trying to encourage him to accept marijuana in payment rather than money. He told me he did calculations, not that he would act on it, that if he took the weed and sold it he would have probably made around 250k to 300k a year on the conservative side rather than the 15k he was making being legitimate.

But with that said, I think Youtube and social media played a huge part in destigmatizing medical marijuana. It is damn tough to still be against the stuff when you see videos of people with cancer or severe epilepsy showing signs of recovery/relief when using...
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