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[QUOTE=broncosteven;4008065]Weren't people saying he was better than Champ a few years back?

namdi assmugger had one exceptional season in oaktown and much like champ he was AVOIDED for years to follow !
it was just easier for QBs to look elsewhere
Just like champ assmugger started out by mayching up with the opponents top receiver, moving from side to side to facillitatae the match-up. but once his skills diminished he stayed on one side of the field and accepted the match-up the O put out there, again, just like champ.
Once he started seeing more balls come his way, QBs reccognized his diminished skills and had FILM on his short-comings and weaknesses and found it easier to attack him, again just like champ, and mnamdi could no longer hide behind his reputation, agin just like champ.
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