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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
Wow, whatís going on with Facebook? I bought lightly on the opening IPO and lost my shorts but when it dropped to 18 dollars I bought a crap-load and it's now over 50. I had requested an auto-sell at 50 but pulled it last week. Iím not sure how much longer to ride this out?

Also thinking about jumping hard on Twitter but will probably stay away from the IPO. I donít see how Twitter will generate income but Facebook didnít make sense either ÖÖÖ. Go figure, itís a strange world we live in.
You cannot go wrong for the next year or so.

What I am looking at is google. They are running a test in Kansas City on new fiber optic lines. It is supposed to be revolutionary. Their stock is already pricey but I see it going through the roof.

Also there are two companies I feel out in the front of this 3D Printing. 3d Printing is going to blow up in the next 2 years. It is an exciting time no doubt.
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