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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
One notices more posts from you about the color of a fictional character than the millions who have lost insurance and the NSA with expanded powers or spying on people. I guess as long as they don't spy just on homosexuals or minorities and don't profile it is ok. Amazing the 180 that happens in such a short period of time after the results of elections.
As abhorrent as spying is (and drone warfare, and keeping Guantanamo open, and warfare in general), I've stated many times that the most important thing to me is the right to vote. Considering the implications of the VRA decisions and the fact that racism and discrimination are still very real, it should be of no surprise that those posts are what you notice most about me. Not comparing myself to him, but I'm sure someone like Frederick Douglass had views on economic policy and national security (such as it would have been at the time). They don't really talk about that much in history books, though, do they?

And as far as the "millions losing insurance"? People losing junk insurance is just another step in the direction we should be going (and ultimately will end up with), which is single payer.
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